Uti tea was born out of dire necessity.
I had recurrent UTI for over a year.
Tried everything suggested out there for home remedies but nothing worked for me.
Took antibiotics for a whole year and started developing resistance to some!!
Went to Ayurveda School just to find a cure for myself. Desperate times!
Started drinking this ayurvedic concoction to balance my body and lo and behold it cured my UTI!
Have been UTI free for three years now!


Uti tea is a proprietary blend of common household spices, cumin, coriander and fennel, which are used daily in southasian cuisine. These ingredients have many other beneficial effects on the body as well like improved digestion, antioxidation, anti inflammation etc to name a few.

How to use

Take one teaspoon of the uti tea blend, boil in 2 cups of water. Simmer for 10 minutes , strain and drink. Use twice daily until symptoms are gone and then a few days more for further cleansing. Can be mixed with cranberry juice to improve taste.

If you have been having recurrent uti ( more than three times a year) use the tea regardless if symptoms are present for a few months. Should also be taken as soon as possible if you notice a new infection starting. If symptoms do not improve please see a medical doctor. If antibiotics are needed, it should be taken concomitantly with antibiotics as it helps to clear the infection more effectively and hence discouraging recurrence.